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Your Consulting Partner for Tourism Research and Business Development Projects in Ethiopia

Project Green Consulting is working to promote a sustainable and responsible way of tourism development in Ethiopia by offering a research-based consultancy services to policymakers, tourism businesses, destinations, and NGOs.

Who are we?

Project Green Consulting Firm

We are Project Green, a tourism consultancy and marketing firm based in  Ethiopia with a representative office in Germany. We specialize in providing innovative approaches to product and destination development as well as marketing services to governments, development agencies, and businesses. Project Green also supports businesses and destinations to harness the potential of technology and connect them to the international markets.

Our work is geared towards social entrepreneurship and green investment. We believe that social entrepreneurship and green investment are key factors to empower communities in developing countries like Ethiopia and promote sustainable development. Our actions are based on a philosophy of fairness and the promotion of equal rights. 

Our Services

Project Green focuses on consulting destinations and policymakers to employ market-driven product development and marketing strategies. We specialize in these five core areas.

Research & Development

Baseline Research, Feasibility Study & Policy, Strategy & Guideline Development

Business and Investment

Product development, itinerary and route identification, tourism investment promotion

Destination Management

DMO development & Destination Management System (DMS), Project management

Tourism Workforce Development

Product Development & Marketing  for Hotel & Tourism Businesses and Destinations

Marketing & IT Solutions

Destination Marketing, Digital Marketing, Travel Trade Fair representation,  Connection to International Market

Research & Development

We undertake comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research with our specialist partners to support strategy and policy development. Studies include consumer research, market evaluation, competitor analysis, audits of existing products, environmental audits and impact studies, economic modeling, and feasibility studies. We also work with academic institutions to carry out research, provide training and undertake market assessments.

Project Greens’s research and development team is composed of a network of global consulting partners specialized in various fields of study. Here are some of the areas our research & development team can help tourism policymakers and destinations.

Destination Management

Destination management is the coordinated management of all components of a tourism destination, including the attractions, accommodations, transportation, and other auxiliary tourism services. Destination management requires an alliance of these multiple organisations and interests working towards a common goal of a tourism destination.

Project Green assists destinations to create effective destination management by formulating a strategic approach of linking its separate elements that make tourism of the destination. Destination Management Organization (DMO) is very crucial to lead and coordinate activities under a coherent strategy in pursuit of this common goal.

Here are some of the domains Project Green can help tourism policymakers and destinations. 

Tourism Business Development
and Investment

Tourism is a powerful business to boost economic and social development. The tourism sector has a promising potential especially for developing countries to create job opportunities and support sustainable local economies.

Project Green helps tourism enterprises and destinations create tourism products that are economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. We also link local tourism businesses and destinations with international partners to help them market their products. Here is the list of our consultancy services concerning tourism business development and investment promotion.

Tourism Workforce Development

Many destinations in developing countries are not well benefited from the tourism sector compared to the potential they have. Part of the reason is the lack of experienced and specialized manpower to turn the tourism resources into products that can create jobs and support the local economy.

Project Green offers various specialized training to bridge skill gaps and promote sustainability. Check our areas of specialization. 

Capacity Building & Training

Our Expertise Include

Marketing & IT Solutions

Project Green develops tailored destination marketing strategies that respond to the complex need of modern age travelers. We manage marketing campaigns and media relations for DMOs.

Project Green also specializes in developing new brands for destinations, products, and services. Successful destination marketing requires a brand with a value proposition to create compelling messages and campaigns that will create a standout.

We believe that the future of marketing is digital, and we use a full range of digital marketing services to maximize tourism businesses and destinations’ online potential. Higher digital visibility of destinations and tourism businesses means more tourists. We provide various digital marketing tools and techniques to help DMOs and companies reach their target market. Check our marketing and IT solutions.

Specific Consultancy Service in Ethiopia Tourism

Our Work

Here are some of our recent works for reference. 

Our Team

Project Green is a team of creative and experienced tourism, IT, and business professionals who share a common vision of empowering communities with the resources they possess.  The firm is founded by the entrepreneurs Katharina Ley from Germany and Mulugeta Asteray Demssie from Ethiopia. Together with expert consultants, international partners, and local staff we make up our successful team.

Katharina Ley

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Katharina is a tourism entrepreneur and marketing specialist in Germany. She is the CEO of MUKA Travel GmbH, a German specialist tour operator for Ethiopia. Katharina used to work for a German Nature Conservation Association (NABU) project to establish a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

Mulugeta Asteray Demssie, Senior Tourism Consultant in Ethiopia

Mulugeta Demssie

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Mulugeta Demssie studied Tourism Management and IT courses in Ethiopia, Europe, the USA, and Hong Kong. Mulugeta has more than 15 years of experience in various areas of the tourism industry, including as an owner of a tour operator, project manager as well as a lecturer, and head of a tourism faculty. 

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We have a wide network of global consulting partners specialized in various fields of study. You can join our network of partners here.